Frats are Still Racist? WTF

Oklahoma Fraternity Racist Video

Last time I checked it’s 2015. I’m your typical white, caucasian American who was raised in the typical family. I had parents and grandparents who told me racism is wrong and my grandparents even admitted to being racist in the past and talked about how embarrassing it was. So it’s difficult for me to understand sometimes why this is even a topic still, but I’m told that’s because I’m white. This is frustrating. It’s inequality. It’s putting others down. I don’t see a purpose in it. We are told all humans are made equal, then later some people choose to discriminate, because someone’s skin looks different? That is dumb as hell! Only to make this worse some frats, not fraternities, even nurture this ideology… Why? Why does this exist? These are organizations that should be preparing us to be the leaders to take us all to a better world, and yet some still use racist slurs as if these words hold no meaning… So how do we fight this as proud members of the greek community? Well you recruit for diversity! And not for diversity of race, but diversity of background! We look for strength in difference, not similarity. We understand that skin color does not matter, but actually it is words and actions that matter. And we stand up as Greeks against our fellow Greeks who are too ignorant to realize this and we denounce them from our community. This is a time where equality should exist, and it should be us, the Greek leaders, leading the path to equality!

An article showing Greeks speaking out against racism.


Ask Me About My Weiner!… Why Hazing is Dumb

Ask Me About My Weiner 2

Why do people still haze? This is something I don’t understand, but again this is an issue that is not limited to Greek life. There is absolutely no place from hazing, nor benefit from it. You will never be able to explain to me causing someone causing someone physical harm, causing embarrassment, or having any direct influence in impeding a pledge’s scholastic efforts is beneficial to that individual. If anything you are just making sure they know some made up concept of them being inferior to yourself. Sound familiar anyone? What’s unfortunate is we experience forms of hazing as early as elementary school. It’s bullying when you break it down to it’s core. High school teams do it, bands do it, everyone enforces some form of bullying, or hazing. So how do we deal with this? We educate ourselves, treat people how they deserve to be treated, with decency. The term pledge is just a title. A reference saying that someone has yet to fulfill the requirements of becoming initiated which should be set on metrics based on scholarship, finance, and responsibility (being active in supporting a chair). Hazing is dumb. We should stand out against it, just like how we stand out against bullying.

More information on hazing here.

Consent is so Frat!

Here’s another fun topic. Sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape in regards to Greek life. This topic is probably the most disgusting one to come up in any conversation. Now what does this have to do with Greek life? Well, first I will remind people that a fraternity is collection of brothers, or males,  that are working together in pursuit of bettering themselves through the values that fraternity upholds. Where the problem comes in is when these groups deviate from the values become a frat, or brothers joined together but not motivated by the fraternity’s values. Unfortunately, there are numerous examples of this whether we are talking about Kappa Delta Rho who circulated pictures of nude girls who were unaware that these pictures had been taken or the email from a Phi Kappa Tau about “luring your rapebait” just to name a few. It is amazing what some will do and believe to be ok, but “some” is the keyword. This is not all of Greek life though, there are many of us who are livid to even have to be associated with something as terrible as any type of sexual violence. Now how to be Greek  among this? Speak out! Be angry! Be pissed! All fraternity’s were founded on concepts of being gentlemen and any who break from these standards does not deserve to be a part of it! There is no room in society for rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment and likewise there is no room for it in the Greek life. If our fraternities and sororities are here for the purpose of teaching us how to be grown men and women of character then we should set a precedent for others and remove sexual violence from our lives, organizations, and society. It’s time to make consent not something that we only define, or call a standard or requirement, but the only popular thing! Consent is so frat!

Consent is so Frat

Chug, Chug, Chug,….That’s so Frat!


Alcohol is a tricky issue when it comes to Greek life. There are plenty of arguments for why alcohol should not be allowed at Greek events or around Greek life at all, but many of these issues could also be applied to the general body of college students. As the president of my fraternity all of the risk falls on me and the burden of the insurance also falls on my head. This is an incredibly stressful fact I have to deal with every weekend when I know my brothers are out drinking. Here’s the reality of alcohol in Greek life. Greek life is not the problem, it is the college mentality. We come to college and we look for “The College Experience” where we drink too much, make bad decisions, and tell ourselves at least we got the college experience. Of course this has bled over into Greek life, seeing as how Greek life is comprised of college students, but this where the question of to be a proud Greek among all of the alcohol issues we experience as college students. The difference between a fraternity and frat is simple. It all comes down to values. Has your Greek organization chosen to focus on social events, parties, and drinking, or does yours make strive to make a positive impact on others? Does yours go out and raise money for philanthropies and nonprofits? Does your go out and volunteer their time through community service? Does yours teach moderation and tolerance? If you wish to stand as a proud Greek among all of the issues alcohol presents to our generation, just find a way to learn and teach moderation. Drink to enjoy the beverage, do not drink to get trashed…, because alcohol poisoning is not frat.

An article discussing binge drinking:

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Our Big Fat Greek Controversy

Hello everyone, welcome to my wonderful blog about Greek Life. I am the president of Phi Gamma Delta here at the University of Central Arkansas and have been heavily involved in my fraternity and trying to find ways to extend our values through our actions whether it be everyday behavior or registered events. Unfortunately, Greek life has been in the media quite a bit recently as many fraternities across the U.S. have been reinforcing the negative stereotypes there are about Greek life. Personally, this has been incredibly frustrating for me as all of these stereotypes are the very things I work to keep away from my fraternity. I will be blogging about both being a member of Greek life among these controversies and at the purpose of being greek in relation to common issues related to Greek life. There are four specific areas that I plan on speaking about. Alcohol, sexual harassment/sexual assualt/rape, hazing, and racism are disgusting issues that seem to be common among stereotypes about Greek life, but upon evaluation have little to do with what it really means to be Greek. It’s time to look at what is the true difference between a fraternity and a frat.GREEK-0068

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